Need hints on proper default route selection

Hi Curtis,

The problem we have been experiencing now is that both NSP #1 and NSP
#2 have been undergoing some major internal restructuring, causing
daily change/loss of candidate net annoucements, or change in
aggregation boundaries, etc..... making it a daily exercise at
selecting proper candidate route selection.

Can anyone provide an alternate or better strategy on how to deal with this?

  It would seem that NSP A and B would have some relatively static
  networks that they could tell you about. Perhaps their noc lan or
  web farm addressing. I realize this is rather a simple-ish fix,
  but you may wish to visit with some intelligent folk at the NSP to
  determine what these are. I would question if there is
  renumbering/announcement changes, or if they are having "BGP
  configuration problems".

  Another solution, with some, but less, negative ramifications,
  would be to select 2 or 3 networks within each NSP. Not a great
  fix, but a simple one to look at.

  A final solution would be to buy a 4700 w/ 64M of ram. You should
  be able to handle full tables from 2 peers along w/ all your IGP
  on this box. The port cost is not exceedingly high, and if you
  can afford the capital outlay, it sounds like it would be a rather
  good mediumish solution.

  Obviously the primary recommendation would be to "fix" the netedge
  problem, but I assume you're pursuing that. The fact that your
  NSP is rather unstable is also a negative, but you can only do so
  much (before you leave them hint hint)