Need help with Cisco VLAN bridging....

Has anyone had experience bridging multiple VLANs accross a clear-channel
DS3? I have 2 3640's populated with 1 FE and 1 HSSI. They are connected by
a DS3. I've tried a couple of different configs, including turning one
router into a frame swich and building a PVC for each VLAN, but the bridging
didn't seem to work. I've tried running SDE directly between the HSSI
ports...and that didn't seem to work. I'm up a against a deadline here, and
would greatly appreciate any help you can offer. I've also tried a couple
of IRB configs.

Thanks in advance,

Craig Holland
Network Engineer
Yahoo! Inc.
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You could try ATM LANE, although I'm not an expert on ATM so I can't offer
any configs. (ATM has the advantage of being implementable on a 3640 without
a CSU/DSU on T3/DS3)

How did you do the bridging across the PVCs? That
seems like a workable solution.



Apart from other suggestions, I think you also can do this:

1)Put ip address at both ends of the DS3;
2) Esbalish tunnels for each of your vlan using different loopback
3)put the vlans in their respective tunnles using brigde-group;
4) use rate limit based on the soure of loopback interface of the tunnel to
control how much each tunnel(vlan) can use the DS3;

Not sure wether you want to turn on the IRB, probably not.
Of course this is preety urgly using layer 3 to solve layer2 problem, but
just off the top of my head.

Kent Yu