Need help from UUNet's routing specialist!

[Apologise for duplicate - bounced to NANOG list first time. BPD]

In a prior message to NANOG, I write:

> We apologise for this customer-provider issue propogating to NANOG.

Then, in reply, Neil McRae responds, *to NANOG*, at length, complaints
of the same nature.

I am directing this discussion between him and us, to private email.
The words I have for him will not be for delicate ears.

We ask for more information [snip]

The UUnet-Teleglobe connectivity is under NDA. This stands for
"non-disclosure"; as in we are not allowed to disclose details
(previous posting notwithstanding).

This includes customers, Neil.

Again, I direct any inquiries to myself, in email, and *please* do *not*
copy the NANOG list, so I don't have to send more messages like this.