Need Help finding support for specific technology with SONET gear

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I am trying to find equipment for an OC48+ ring for hauling DS3s. I've read lots of documentation on handling fiber failures and repathing the circuits the other direction on the ring. I know a lot of providers will sell half the OC48 as protected and the other half as unprotected, fiber cuts resulting in the unprotected circuits all being taken down for the protected circuits. But I need something a little different.

I need something that will detect LOS on a single DS3 and repath that DS3 to a different port at a remote location. While not the cleanest transition, it will handle catastrophic failure of edge router configurations by redirecting circuits to a different location where routing is mirrored (and down until signaling is established). I also need something that will support transitioning all circuits leaving the ring at one location to another when communication is lost with that site.

I can't imagine that someone hasn't done this, but I can't find any information on it. I'm not very familiar with SONET (a little lower level than I usually deal with) or what various vendors support. My telco boys tell me that their existing gear won't handle repathing single DS3's when they alarm; only fiber cuts. In addition, it would be nice if returning to the primary path can be manual or configured to wait a specified time interval to insure stability (nothing like equipment which likes to bring circuits up twice before resuming service). Hints, tips, and tricks welcome. I have certain edge routers that I need to ensure availability even during catastrophic failure without requiring each of the customers on those routers to maintain separate circuits.


Jack Bates