need help about switch montior


ls there any program/way to monitor the switch port/switch status when
it reaches to certain bandwidth?

Thank you so much

I use this Nagios plugin for up/down status alerts, it has some support for interface bandwidth (and errors/discards) monitoring. It's just a perl script so you could easily modify it to suit your needs.


We use Solarwinds Orion for this stuff. We have some alerts for some switch
Ports configured.
You can get a trial version at

Cacti with Threshold plugin

^ This.

Sorry about that. (Too jittery this morning)

     I was to confirm that Cacti (Lookup CactiEZ for quick testing) + Threshold plugin has been working for well over 6 months in our test lab.

     The site has over 18,000 thresholds and that on a single clunker, un-optimized it takes about 1m to process.

     We mainly placed threshold on Environment reading, Traffic High/Low, Discards and other Errors on each ports.

     You should check Cacti licensing, I think it is still GPL.