need for method of reducing ipV4 table size

I've been slowly working on a method of reducing ipV4 table sizes in the
core routers. I don't want to go into details of exactly how this will
work right now (It's irrelevant to the question I'm going to ask) but it
would reduce the number of routes in the global routing table to under

I'm to the point that I need to clean up my notes, put it into
RFC-format and submit it as a draft, but before I go through all that
work, I generally was wondering if those of you who actually run the
"core" networks see a need for something to significantly reduce the table
size. The method I'm working on has the following "features".

1) Transparent to "end nodes" - no renumbering, no software changes
2) Software changes are confined to the "defaultless" routers.
3) Software changes are easy to implement - Someone who knows the
router OS code well should be able to implement in a week or so, or a
month at the most.
4) Low CPU impact - shouldn't impact the "core" router CPUs at all.
"Customer Border" routers will have a minor impact - no more than IP
filtering or some similar feature.
5) IPv4-specific.

I'd go into more detail, but I don't want to waste everyone's bandwidth.