Need BGP clueful contact at Global Crossing

If there are any BGP clueful contacts at Global Crossing listening (or
if someone listening wants to forward this to them :-), I would
appreciate your getting in touch.

Out of curiousity, why do you think anyone here on NANOG would
be willing to bother the clueful contacts they know at provider (X)
based on an email like this? It's absolutely content-free.

Now, if you included examples of BGP announcements that were
being leaked that shouldn't be, or prefixes of yours that they were
accidentally hijacking, or traceroutes going from San Jose to Paris
and then back to Palo Alto within their network, or some other
level of operationally interesting content, then it's much more likely
the issue would be passed along either via forwarding the email,
or, if the issue was sufficiently interesting, via a more immediate
channel (cell phone/IM/IRC/smoke signal/INOC-DBA phone/etc).

But as it currently stands, my view of Global Crossing's network
doesn't show any problems worth contacting them about, so I'm
unlikely to pass along your request. For all I know, you might
really be a terrorist out to collapse their infrastructure by sleep
depriving their backbone engineers night after night with inane
requests until their REM-deprived brains fat-finger the router
configs into oblivion. And that just wouldn't be good.

So. How about trying again, but with relevant content that indicates
an operational issue with their network, and then we can pass that
along to the right folks who can look into it.


(not now, nor ever have been affiliated with 3549, in case there's any
possibility of confusion)