Need a gigabit loop - hard to find in our area - referrals?

Were looking for something which is difficult to find in the area we are in.
I need a gigabit loop between us and a provider or two...

Address we need the loop at: 8675 Avenida Costa Norte, San Diego, CA
92154 USA

We need to connect this loop to any datacenter or telco hotel that is on
net with several providers who can provide the capacity we require.

We are having problems while dealing with some odd minded sales reps.

Reply off list to keep the noise down, thanks.

Perhaps the loop could go to Complex Drive, or Level3 in San Diego.
Those may be good options.

We have successfully used SBC in southern CA for Ethernet loops and their prices are pretty reasonable and their footprint is pretty much everywhere.


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though the equipment footprint isn't very reasonable. last I checked
they still require a full relay rack exclusively for their nortel
gear. that and gigaman is/was inherently oversubscribed by design.

anyway, there are more appropriate lists for such requests, since this
is pretty off topi....aww forget it.