Tim Bass wrote:


Oh, here we go again; arguing against mathematics.

"Social Engineering" is merely a way to organize a
society so it won't behave in a self-destructive manner.
Free market rules (private property, freedom of trading,
etc) is also a form of social engineering. Attaching
any religious value to it is silly and counterproductive.

In most cases the free market is quite adequate as
a regulator. However, Internet namespace *is* a monopoly;
and free market approach does not work here. There's no
other Internet to go to if you don't like pricing or
features or performance of the current one (and i'm
not sure we want to have an alternative Internet).

The problem with the "infinite" resources like
namespaces is that they aren't. Every single name
added to .COM does not do much damage; but the cumulative
effect is that the whole system is going straight into
a brick wall.

It is no different from route announcements in terms
of social dynamics. The math is also very much the


PS BTW, is there any kind of statistics for .COM
  NS-es on the diversity of requests per different
  time intervals? How many requests are handled
  by .COM NS-es every second?