Sean Doran writes:

instead we treat it as (leaving out the '<' '>' stuff out of laziness):


and look up like this:

  ask a ROOT nameserver for M NSes
  ask a M nameserver for O NSes
  ask a <w> nameserver for appropriate info

that will scale to a huge number of generally
unformatted labels for things.

Indeed, but this makes many assumptions, like that all of these
machines will always be up. Having so many machines is just asking
for more trouble; more points of failure. And in this case, each
nameserver is potentially a single point of failure.

This strikes me as a practical way of moving towards
".Earth" and ".Alt" and thousands of other "top-level-domains".

Blech, not all that pleasent a concept, although with the incredible
polution of namespace that is happen, it's probably one of the only