Avi Freedman spoke from the ethers and said:

> > I was happily watching the hockey playoffs just now
> > (well, as happily as possible without Hockey Night in Canada),
> > and noticed a commercial for U.S. Navy Recruiting.
> >
> > Why why why why why are they in .COM?!
> >
> > I think we should be told.
> >
> > Sean.
> Maybe they were hassled about a .GOV and needed to go online ASAP.
> Avi

By the way, that wasn't an editorial comment, just a hypothesis...
Better that people be hassled about .GOVs, .NETs, and .EDUs than
that they have those domains yanked at some point in the future...


I reckon it may be because the MilNet Domain Maintainers for the services
are loathe to give out a .mil address to a commercial ISP. We ran into
that with a client from the Army. They wanted a virtual server, but the
Army wouldn't assign a .mil address for them.