Native Multicast (Was: Re: Contest! )

PS: The real prize should go to the *next* person to post useful technical

OK, I'll take a stab at it, although it'll be in the form of a technical
question, which will hopefully draw technical content/answers.

I'm getting ready to run some native multicast on our backbone, mainly as
an experiment in replacing our existing set of DVRMP/MRouted tunnels.

Equipment is cisco 7XXX and 4500, with a 2501 CPE router (my home
connection). Most are running some flavor of 11.2, with one or two still
running 11.1.

I'm looking for tips and suggestions from folks who are actually running
native multicast in a cisco environment.

While I've been getting help from Dave Meyer (Thanks, Dave!), I figure that
others could benefit from the same information, hence my posting here.


I am also considering enabling multicast routing, I would appreciate
hearing more about this as well.