national stats. on ISP qty/size?

Anyone know where I can find aprox. stats. on number and
size of ISP's in north america? Is this presently tracked
(guessed at?) anywhere?

Depends on what kind of "ISP" you are interested in. For dialup,
Boardwatch Magazine <> has a quarterly
listing of Internet providers. If you think the Internet is more
than just dialup, I suggest looking at some more sources.

The Maloff Company <; has lots of good, but
now out-of-date (February 1996 is ancient for the Internet) information
in their report on the Internet marketplace. For information on how
part of the non-profit Internet Providers are doing, the 1996 study
on libraries and the Internet released this Fall is a good starting place
Things are both better, and worse than you've read in the popular

The traditional thinktanks, the Gartner Group, Forrester Research, etc,
also have a number of studies of the Internet, but I can never afford to
even look at their catalog.