national hardware price quote registry - project clarifications

There's been a fair bit of confusion as to what the price quote registry is about. As this confusion is mainly due to my lack of clarity I hope this email will rectify the ambiguity. Let me set the record straight on what my original intentions for this project were:

1) The original intent of the project was an online price quote registry aimed at small to medium businesses for quotes in the $20-$100K range. Larger quotes would of course be welcome but as these are almost always bound by NDAs in all likelihood these quotes would rarely find their way into the registry.
2) I do not, have not, and will not advocate people violate their respective NDAs (or quote confidentiality clauses). However, if a person chooses to do so that's their perogative hence the anonymous nature of the system.
3) I never intended the registry to be for 'big ticket' items. I, personally, have no interest in those. The thread seemed to devolve into discussing multi-million dollar quotes and the ramifications of opening up this process to public inspection. While I disagree with many of the conclusions that my fellow NANOGers have drawn about the likely outcome of opening this process up, I understand your concerns. My interest lies in the much smaller sub $100K quotes that are not bound by NDAs.
4) If, as others have suggested, you don't like the sytem, then don't use it. If enough people feel this will it will soon whither into the ether.