National Do Not Call Registry has opened

Oh, it might get worse -- here's the first paragraph of a Wall Street
Journal story:

  NEW YORK -- With millions of people signing up to stop
  receiving pesky sales calls, the nation's biggest marketers
  are preparing a new round of potentially annoying advertising
  pitches via e-mail and direct mail.

Oh, joy -- more spam instead of telemarketers.

    --Steve Bellovin, (me) (2nd edition of "Firewalls" book)

Joy, actually, since e-mail is not prone to giving unsolicited wake-up
calls to those of us who live graveyard shift.


Hi, NANOGers.

] Oh, joy -- more spam instead of telemarketers.

UGH. This of course requires more hosts sending spam, which in turn
raises the value of a compromised host or router.