National Do Not Call Registry has opened

The domain is, IP range is

They all seem to have the same subject line.

DCC checksums (already have a count of 25 even though it's only been open
for an hour or so and it's the middle of the night):

ok fuz1 ac8763a8 a9e8d829 5e8a506b 1d6ac5e5
ok fuz2 bc65f25a 2c08ccfd 5b8b6e2c 3c806c1d

They don't quite have all the bugs out. I gave them three phone numbers,
but they only sent two confirmations.

John Levine,, Primary Perpetrator of "The Internet for Dummies",
Information Superhighwayman wanna-be,, Sewer Commissioner
"More Wiener schnitzel, please", said Tom, revealingly.