NAP/ISP Saturation WAS: Re: Exchanges that matter...

> You should be more specific about _why_ you want a MUCH bigger CPU. IMHO,
> the box needs more packet switching capacity (and more backplane
> bandwidth), but there's enough CPU there for the OS.

  Recomputing larger route tables, especially OSPF. Tunneling.
Encryption. Acess list filtering. Finer grain accounting (I'd love to see
usage stats for each interface over a day or so right from the router).
And most important to me, not becoming unusuable during a major routing

  well, there is netflow. not quite the granularity you're probably
looking for but it helps. and since frontier has signed an exclusive
deal with cisco i suspect they might start moving more of the "probe"
functionality into the routers and switches. the cat5k now supports
a mini-rmon in the box.