NAP building

In a previous message Neil J. McRae wrote:
> Make sure it isn't Telehouse though! Someone at Telehouse London pressed
> the wrong button and took out the entire power to the south side of
> the building, nearly ever ISP in the UK, and the LINX too, was knocked
> out for around 45 minutes today.

Sorry, only UK ISPs that are careless enough to route *all* their International
connectivity thru Telehouse were "knocked out" - We, and various others ONLY
lost connectivity to those customers with a single line to our equipment
in Telehouse.
UK->UK traffic (to those other ISPs that survived) just re-routed
through Stockholm, Amsterdam, USA etc etc etc

OK Richard, All ISP's where affected then, the point is Telehouse is a disaster
zone and there is way too much UK [and European too] traffic passing through,
the bulding.

Sorry, Telehouse has a *much* better power record than most places I know -
some of the US mae's dont even have mains backup supply.

Well you are a nutcase for plugging into a MAE :wink:

THe point is Telehouse claim this mondo wonderful power resiliance and its
just not true.

FYI: I was standing in the 1st floor ops room and watched everything go off,
YES THATS RIGHT! The management system that Telehouse use went off too!
so they didn't have a clue where the fault was! [eggs basket one springs to