NAP Architecture

[In the message entitled "Re: NAP Architecture" on Oct 29, 19:04, Leigh Porter writes:]

> I'm confused. PAIX charges a similar amount ($1000/mo) for dry copper
> between two consenting parties at PAIX. Again, for $27 worth of wire,
> and $300 worth of labour? This is reasonable?
> IMHO, $50/month is reasonable for copper cross-connects, with a $300
> installation charge. Even $100 per month. But $1000?

You could always go wireless and not tell anybody :wink:

In fact, if the traffic were not too bad a few interconnects could sit
a small wireless LAN nicely....

Is that $1000 a MONTH or just a one-off installation charge?

That is a monthly charge. PAIX is apparently working on better
pricing, but there is no word of when that will take effect. We have
bloodied our salesperson over this already.

IMHO, I think that we should work together to negotiate private
interconnect pricing that is reasonable and fair to all parties.
Right now, certain companies are getting good pricing. Hopefully,
we can extend that to all participants at the MAEs and other interconnects.

Any volunteers to organize this? Is anyone interested?