NANOG70 tee shirt mystery

So, I've been staring at the NANOG70 tee shirt for
a bit now:

and I have to admit, I'm a bit stymied.

Usually, the tee-shirts are somewhat referential
to the location or to a particular event; but this
one is leaving me scratching my head.

Is it perhaps a shot of the network engineering
"Ooops (I broke the network again)" concert

Or is there some other cultural reference at
play that I'm not aware of?

Enquiring minds want to know!(tm). :slight_smile:


It could be this:

Nirvana & Pearl Jam (amongst others) came out of Seattle, it seems. TIL!

Pearl Jam are from Seattle...

David Barak

It's a play on Pearl Jam's "Ten" album cover as best as I can tell.


However, a Hyatt Regency hotel in Bellevue is about as far from grunge as
one can get. For those not familiar with Bellevue it is roughly similar to
Crystal City in Arlington, VA.

That's correct.

* David Barak [Mon 05 Jun 2017, 02:09 CEST]:

Ten (Pearl Jam album) - Wikipedia

Pearl Jam are from Seattle...

I only knew the CD version, which looks cropped from the LP edition:

  -- Niels.