NANOG36 wireless issue

Sorry to annoy those of you not here in Dallas, but I'm told that we
have an dead access point in the main ballroom, which is causing
congestion on its neighbor as everyone reassociates.

Merit will replace the dead unit during the lunch break.

By the way, now seems like as good a time as any to let people know
about the wireless monitoring I'm doing. is a map of
access points and their loads. The radius of the circle represents
the number of associated users.
shows the AP to which I am associated and/or have been associated over
time. is an RSS
feed of the above info.

I haven't finished the opt-in interface for people to put their MAC
address into the database to allow you to publicize your location by
map or rss feed. It was on the list of things I was going to finish
on the plane, but I watched the lame movie instead. Maybe I'll be
able to get it done after lunch.


I think you just re-invented - though that's
mostly for jetsetters like Joi Ito :slight_smile:

Well, Plazes requires user behavior to begin with, and doesn't
distinguish between multiple access points with the same SSID and same
subnet. Plazes could say "NANOG in Dallas" but not which side of the
hotel. My system comes more from the network administrator's point of
view, talking to the APs directly instead of hearing from the clients,
plus can provide a more detailed version of "where am I?".

You're right that Plazes seems to be for people who want to brag about
how much they roam around. I stopped using it when I found that the
MacOS menubarlet crashes constantly when using tunnel interfaces.
(Since fixed, I hear, but I don't think it's really my bag anyway.)