[NANOG] Routing table for BGP


I would like to know what route should i accept from internet full or
if Partial then what routes should i accept? and how many route does my
router have if i will go for Partial routing table?

actually I am trying to understand it by concept... my organization is small
but I want to know if it is large organization or small provider then what
kind of routes do i need in my routing table?


  If its only 1 provider, then probably taking just "default route"
is necessary. If you have 2, then it depends on your setup.

  I prefer to always take full routes from upstreams, as long as there
are good communities within that feed. This way I can vary what I accept
or don't accept without the need to constantly contact the upstream. If
not, then I have to fiddle more on my end, but I always keep the control.

  I personally run 2 routers (Ok, switches with routing code, so
my memory footprint is severely limited) each with a link to a provider.
I ask for full routes PLUS default route. Internally, I discard /24's on
both links, and pref up the communities like customer and send them over
to the other router with the default route. Saves me alot of memory, plus
gives me alot of control.