nanog [really inspectors & MOV's]

Speaking on Deep Background, the Press Secretary whispered:

> Virtually all surge protectors have MOV - Metal Oxide Varisters -
> within. These are devices with s sharp knee on their Voltage vs
> Resistance curve. In other words, they do not conduct for a 120V
> level, but do at 200, shunting that overvoltage to ground.

Careful: that conduction voltage is peak, is it not?

Some Marketing Dude must have decided that such was too complex
for customers.... So the traditional MOV part # is a f(RMS working
voltage) NOT the peak where it conducts... Grr Gnash Argh!!!

Note the "customer" is a design engineer...

Smoke emitting diodes?

MOV's are bipolar...

> But note that the OP does not have a MOV issue; he has an inspector
> issue. His best answer there may be buying outlet strips that
> offer no surge protection. He likely will need to first pin
> the inspector down on what rules he's allegely broken, however.

This is the most cogent point to date, and the one I made off list: ask
him to quote chapter and verse.

And be sure it's not an Alexander Hamilton type issue..