[nanog] Re: SMURF amplifier block list

> This is a monumental admission: I think Karl is doing the right thing.

However there are a couple of minor flaws that could be fixed.

One is to sort the list by IP address to make it easier for folks to scan
through and see if they recognize any addresses of companies that they
have some contact with. Even better would be to include the netblock names
from whois.arin.net.

And the other is to include the URL of a website that explains how to fix
the problem. This makes it a whole lot easier to explain to people.

P.S. maybe there is a 3rd flaw.... Maybe the list should be posted to
     alt.2600 as well? >:->

Another problem. Say I (and others) use this list. How do I know when the
perpetrators fix it? They may contact Karl. Karl may or may not keep the
blacklist alive on nanog 2 years from now. Bad sites gone good are still
blocked from my site. Is there a easy way to independently verify if it's
been fixed?

Uh, ping the broadcast address?

Even better if someone kept a central list with accountability. Perhaps
you could pay for verified updated access-lists.. prevent SMURF attacks,
emergency DoS attack swat teams for hire, etc.. a 1-2 man consulting

I think this is a bad idea and has been run into the ground previously.