NANOG Program Committee announcement

On behalf of the NANOG Steering Committee, we are pleased to announce
that the eight new members of the NANOG Program Committee are:

    Dan Golding
    Joel Jaeggli
    Ren Provo
    Jennifer Rexford
    Josh Snowhorn
    Pete Templin
    Todd Underwood
    Vish Yelsangikar

They will be joining the eight returning members from the current
Program Committee:

    Joe Abley
    Kevin Epperson
    Steve Feldman
    Hank Kilmer
    Christopher Morrow
    David O'Leary
    Ted Seely
    Bill Woodcock

With so many well-qualified new candidates and current PC members,
this was an extraordinarily difficult decision process, but in the
end we believe we have come up with a solid, diverse panel which
represents most of the NANOG constituency, and has the ability to
recruit and select talks from a wide pool.

The selection process is documented in detail at

Please join us in thanking everyone who participated as a candidate.
All of them are valuable members of the NANOG community, and we
look forward to their continuing contributions.

We would also like to thank the outgoing PC members:

    Bill Norton
    Elise Gerich
    Susan Hares
    Craig Labovitz
    Bill Manning
    Dave Meyer
    Stephen Stuart
    Rob Thomas

for their hard work and invaluable contribution to the community.

For the Steering Committee,
  Randy Bush, SC chair
  Steve Feldman, PC chair