NANOG Operational TTL Alert for 160-bit Headers (aka IPv4)

Common Misconception - IPv4 is Out of Address Space

NANOG Operational TTL Alert for 160-bit Headers (aka IPv4)

The 8-bit TTL field is reduced to 4-bits plus two 11 bits stuck at 1
for a long time

The new 8-bit fields are: SD11TTTT

Packets without the 11 will enter Deep Packet Inspection processing (slow)

SD are new Source and Destination Address bits set via the generic
AAAA 128-bit records

4+8+12+30+6 = 60 + 68 = 128


T1 sets the TTL bits - Use T0 at your own risk - VRHL=0101=5


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He has a point. The IPv4 exhaustion problem was manufactured by the illuminati to usher in their IPv6 protocol (note the use of the number 6, the number if the beast. Combined with the tuple of source, destination address and protocol type this is 666!).

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