(Drifting further off topic). Another suggestion to add is the DUMBO area of brooklyn, down under mahattanville overpass, easy to reach from manhattan, take a nice stroll across the brooklyn bridge and your there, lots of cool restaurants. Another bit of history, walk to montague street, yes the montague street mr dylan sings about in tangled up in blue. (some controversy over this) best way to walk is on the promenade along the east river, great views of manhattan. Enjoy

i really hope everyone takes the time to walk over the brooklyn bridge
into manhattan. its a pretty awesome view and experience.

Are you allowed to bring a camera along to record the experience, or is NYC
worried about terrorist geeks?

No need to worry. I kept having to dodge tourists taking photos
and videos as I walked across this evening.

Perhaps the NYPD are not worried about Geeks bearing Gifs?