[NANOG] [NANOG-announce] Call for Volunteers for the NANOG Mailing List Committee

Hello everyone,

The NANOG Mailing List Committee is a group of individuals from the
NANOG community who collectively are responsible for ensuring the
functioning of the NANOG mailing list as an effective resource for the
operations community.

The Steering Committee would like to hear from people who are interested
in joining the team, volunteering their time and energy to help make the
NANOG mailing list better.

We are looking for people who care about the NANOG mailing list, who are
keen readers of the list, and who have a thorough understanding of NANOG
culture. If this sounds like you, we would like to encourage you to
volunteer to serve on the committee.

As per 7.1.2 of the Charter, the Mailing List Committee must have a
minimum of four members. Therefore four positions are available, two
positions with terms up for renewal at the end of NANOG 44 in October
2008, and two positions with terms up for renewal at the end of NANOG 47
in October 2009.

To volunteer, please send your expression of interest to
<steering@nanog.org> containing a brief summary of how you think the
NANOG list could be better, how you think you could help make a
difference, and which term length you'd like to serve. The deadline for
responses is by the end of 23rd May 2008, and we plan to select the new
Mailing List Committee by the end of the following week.

Many thanks!

(for the SC)