NANOG List Update - Moving Forward

I miss proper List-Id headers for identifying and filtering
the list easily.

I might have missed some discussion; but why are we moving
away from mailman, and what software is in the new system?

Seconded. Mailman is presently the gold standard for mailing list
management [1], and while a lift-and-drop of a Mailman instance from one
host to another isn't entirely transparent/trivial, it's a fairly
well-understood process, and there is certainly no shortage of assistance
available for anyone who runs into problems with the task.

If there is a plan to downgrade from Mailman to any of the alternatives,
then those advocating it need to present compelling technical arguments
that make the case why this course of action is necessary.


[1] This is not meant to suggest that I think Mailman is perfect; it's
clearly not, and its maintainers would be among the first to admit that.
But it's very good and consistently being improved.

Apparently the main exception to this is where you're running multiple
lists with similar names, such as when creating lists for multiple
languages (e.g.,,, etc.). This is the problem the Document
Foundation found itself with and they opted for mlmmj (with the
exception of one list which does use Mailman), but it has other issues
and I definitely wouldn't want to see NANOG go down that path. Since
NANOG doesn't need to deal with the similar names/multilingual
problem, that shouldn't be an issue.


That issue can be resolved by changing email addresses for multiple
language support by using, ?


Yeah, that's how I'd get around it. I think the Document Foundation
had some other issues, like wanting addresses to be consistent across
a large number of subdomains and I can see their point with it.
Obviously it's not a case that NANOG has to deal with.