Nanog list uncharacteristically quiet?

The NANOG list has been uncharacteristically quiet as of late... just
checking to see if you are all still alive.

Best regards,

Not surprising considering this was IETF week...


Here's something to chew on. As an end-node site who has recently become
triply-homed I've been wondering whether it would be useful if routers had
a way of making a route selection based on output queue levels. Ie.,
let's say I have 2 paths to a destination of equal as-path distance
through neighbor A and neighbor B. Based on recent discussion it sounds
like IOS will send the packet to the neighbor with the lowest IP address.
This is nice and predictable, but I wonder if it would be helpful to have
an option that makes this decision be based on current output load of the
link to each neighbor rather than IP address.

Note, I am not suggesting in any way that this alter advertisements and
causing flapping, I am only wondering about outgoing packets.

Off the top of my head, the big problem I see with this in IOS, for
example, is that I believe the BGP routes are put into the IP routing
table as they are received or when a link goes down. Doing the above
would require that the IP routing table store routes of equal weight.
Ramifications of this would be extensive, I imagine.