NANOG/IEPG/ISOC's current role

After scanning the on-line notes from the NANOG meetings, I did
not find any "recommendations" made by the group. In fact, the
group has mentioned many times that it is inappropriate to set
policy. What the group does is discuss various technical problems,
share work-arounds, fixes, kludges, and as individuals adopt what
is useful.

Sounds like a recommendation to me. Just rewrite that in some flowery
language alonmg with a few technical details and you will have a press
release for the next NANOG meeting that you can feed to the journalists.

I'm serious; something like this could be done....

At the ??? 96 NANOG meeting the important issue of widgets was discussed.
Widgets are the framistams that make the Internet's frogistor wave
synchronise with the widgimajiggers at each of the main exchange points.
Several proposals were made to solve the problem of widget wave induction
and the group generally agreed to implement the best of these proposals
and report back on results at the next meeting. Members were generally
confident that the proposed solutions will alleviate the problem.

Note that this short press release explains the items being discussed and
why they are important to the Internet's operations. It also includes
some background material to help journalists understand the situation
even if they were not previously aware that the Internet relied on
framistams. And there is a strong statement of confidence that things are
OK, routine, being taken care of, not to worry, etc...

You may not like the eyes of the world to be looking at you, but the fact
is that those eyes are going to be looking at you more and more as the
Internet grows in importance and people get curious at how it really works.

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