NANOG Digest, Vol 60, Issue 110

Message: 7
Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2013 10:00:22 +1100
From: Mark Andrews <>
To: Michael Thomas <>
Cc: NANOG list <>
Subject: Re: "Programmers can't get IPv6 thus that is why they do not
have IPv6 in their applications"....
Message-ID: <>

As a product of having a motorola sb6121 and a netgear wndr3700 both
of wh

ich I bought at frys I have ipv6 in my house with dhcp pd curtesy of
. If it was any simpler somebody else would have had to install it.

Except that Apple Airport Extreme users must have one of the newer

versions, that is my experience as well.

And, even before Comcast and new AEBS, Hurricane Electric removed all

excuses for claiming "no IPv6".
"Remove excuses" != "Create incentive". There are an infinite number of
things I can do to "remove excuses". Unless they're in my face (read:
me headaches), they do not "create incentive". My using my or my
software which doesn't work in my own environment (= work, home, phone,
"creates incentive". Lecturing me about how I can get a HE tunnel and
that if
I don't i'm ugly and my mother dresses me funny, otoh, just "creates

Just having IPv6 doesn't create incentives to make their code work
with IPv6. People just trundle along using IPv4. Turning off IPv4
creates incentives. Reducing IPv4's capabilities creates incentives.
Being told this needs to work and be tested with IPv6 creates

[jjmb] turning off IPv4 is not realistic at this time and there are other
ways to encourage the use and adoption of IPv6. Enabling by default,
requesting upgrades for existing products that introduce support for IPv6.
Enabling IPv6 alone is a significant statement especially when your
business relies on the same. The absence of IPv6 or broken IPv6 when your
business relies on it are no longer options.