NANOG Digest, Vol 59, Issue 30

Looking for a sales engineer seeking a new challenge in 2013 in Sydney.. The new Silicon Valley

Would anyone know of anyone looking for a cloud/infrastructure sales engineering role or is currently out of work?

Just doing my bit to keep unemployment levels down !

I doubt NANOG is the place for you to find sales engineers to work for a
company where the CEO is clueless enough to do all of the following in 1 email:

1) Reply to a digest, and not fix the Subject:
2) Not clean up the References: and In-Reply-To:, which means that
anybody who uses a threaded mail reader may not have seen your message.
3) Put in a To: "" <> - that's ugly and redundant.
4) Put it in the cc: as well. That's even more ugly and doubly redundant.
5) Spamming NANOG looking for engineers.

Best of luck to you in your future endeavors...