NANOG Digest, Vol 52, Issue 74

John, I think we have cross wires, without meaning to advertise or tout
for business, the bandx solution and the enron solutions totally missed
the mark in terms of timing.

Every revolution, wether electricity, steam, automotive or telecoms, goes
through a boom, then a bust, then a golden age period that emerges where
it matures, we are in a maturity period now of IT. The names above, came
at a time when the boom and subsequent bust occurred, they were not around
for the golden age - fast forward to now, over a decade later since bandx,
and you have the pieces of the puzzle that can be re assembled using the
right technology. We donĀ¹t differentiate using technology anymore, we get
creative with the way we use iT.

70% of the worlds capacity is unlit, untouched, and creating no value
whatsoever -