NANOG Digest, Vol 37, Issue 121

I have a doubt in ISIS.
While redistributing routes from other protocols, how the metric is decided?
OSPF has deccribed this in RFC 2328 Section 16.4 :

                '4) Let X be the cost specified by the preferred routing

            entry for the ASBR/forwarding address, and Y the cost
            specified in the LSA. X is in terms of the link state
            metric, and Y is a type 1 or 2 external metric.

        (5) Look up the routing table entry for the destination N. If
            no entry exists for N, install the AS external path to N,
            with next hop equal to the list of next hops to the
            forwarding address, and advertising router equal to ASBR.
            If the external metric type is 1, then the path-type is set
            to type 1 external and the cost is equal to X+Y. If the
            external metric type is 2, the path-type is set to type 2
            external, the link state component of the route's cost is X,

and the type 2 cost is Y.'

What is the behavior in ISIS?