NANOG Digest, Vol 14, Issue 44


I want to ask some folks out there that maintain reverse DNS queries
of their respective IP blocks. I want to know if there is a need for
me to contact my upstream provider. I am in charge of 2 /24's under
LACNIC. I've already registered my DNS servers on LACNIC. but for some
weird reason it's not owning reverse resolves. any tips would be
gladly appreciated.


You can use the dig utility that usually comes with bind to trace the NS records for the ip block down, just run:

# dig NS +trace

That will tell you what nameserver is directing you where. You can also use this web-based utility to query the root nameservers to figure out where your queries are being directed to: dnscheck: complete dns traversal checking . Just make sure you are entering your ip in the reverse-dns, * format, and not the actual ip address.

> Slighty related...
> Can people please post their recommended reverse dns naming conventions for a small ISP with growth and scalability in mind.
> I already have one drawn up, but I would like to contrast and compare :smiley:
> Thanks