NANOG Digest, Vol 127, Issue 16

  • PRTG, it’s realy easy to configure. Most of the senssors are SNMP of: traffic/ping/cpu/memory and some senssors for servers like DNS and Radius, etc.
  • Zabbix, there’s 2 things that made us use Zabbix, the first one it’s Zabbix Proxy, since the network it’s geographical distribuited we need a tool that provides us monitoring from another places with a low price. And LLD that i use for monitoring BGP/OSPF sessions and prefix.
  • Elastiflow
  • For Syslog we use Graylog, that i recomend, it’s a excelente tool for monitoring syslog messages and there’s a lot of features such as extractors, streams and alerts.

I think that PRTG it’s kind expensive solution ( if you buy the license ), but provides a easy way to monitor a lot of things. Just one thing, if your license expires your are no able to update your software and if you want to buy the license for upgrade, the days without the license counts as negative days, i never seen that before, like, if you don’t update the license for 1 year and bought the 3 years lisence, you will got 2 years of support and upgrade.