NANOG College Immersion Program

I'm excited to announce that for NANOG 63 in San Antonio that we will begin
the NANOG College Immersion Program. This program aims to provide the next
generation of Network Operators with an edge in today's highly competitive
market and allows us a conduit of highly capable operators, engineers, and

Please see below for the full program description.

-Dave Temkin, for the NANOG Board of Directors

NANOG College Immersion Program


NANOG is committed to ensuring next generation of networking professionals
have an opportunity become part of the operational community that makes the
internet run. Companies such as Google, Level 3, Microsoft, NTT, Netflix,
Yahoo, and Amazon rely on NANOG to discuss key architectural and
operational topics relevant to Internet infrastructure. NANOG believes by
introducing undergraduates to our vibrant community before entering the job
marketplace, they will have a better understanding of how the
infrastructure of the Internet works and how they might participate after
graduation. Further, students may be able to find internship opportunities
they may have not otherwise found.


NANOG will provide an expenses-paid trip to the current meeting for up to
25 students per meeting. The paid expenses will include:

I am delighted to see this, and I hope other conferences will do likewise.


Agreed, this is a great idea and opportunity (and it's finally in San Antonio) :wink:

I think this is a great idea! Will a student's school/professor be required
to participate or can students apply by on their own?


Yes, the professor will need to apply on behalf of the students that they
wish to send, as NANOG will not be directly involved in their coursework.


Hi Dave,

Some questions regarding this program:

0) Is there a webpage somewhere with more information?
1) How do students/professors apply?
2) Who can qualify for this program? Are there age restrictions? Undergrads? Graduate students? Are there geographical restrictions?
3) How many seats are there?

Andrew McConachie