NANOG - Call for Volunteers

Hello All:

Given the issues we had with the mailing list transition, we would like to solicit volunteers to assist in testing the "new" configuration. Please note, we are just moving the existing Mailman configuration to a new server under our control, but we have to move the list due to contractual obligations. Here's the basic scenario.

1) Build replica of existing NANOG Mailman server and configuration, except we are updating all of the underlying applications, including the actual OS.
2) Create a mailing list
3) Have volunteers hammer the list and make sure the software setup is correct
4) Sync the existing list data to the new server
5) Flip DNS so that is now served from the new server

If you are available and willing to assist in this test, please send me an email directly with the address you would like to use. I will add you to the new list when the software is configured and you will receive the usual welcome message.

Our timeline is tight for this transition; we have to be moved over to the new server no later than July 31st, so active testing and reporting is key.

Thank You,