[NANOG] Bay Networks in bed with commie censors?

MMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmm...........Do the same considerations apply to
BUYING from the PRC?

Please. The original speech was not about trade with PRC which
is unquestionably good and desireable; but about cooperation
with an organization whose _proclaimed_ goal is to build a
politically censored version of Internet, and make uncensored
networks completely illegal in PRC.

You seem to be contradicting yourself. On one hand, you say that trade
with the PRC is "unquestionably good and desireable". But on the other
hand you condemn Bay Networks for selling products and technical
services to the PRC (as you should know, "partner" is marketing-puke
speak for "they are giving us LOTS of money, so let's make them feel

If selling products and support to organizations that construct
censored networks shouldn't we condemn BOTH Bay Networks and Cisco for
selling to U.S. corporations that use firewalls and other methods to
control/monitor employee's access to the Internet?

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