NANOG attendance sponsorship for Seattle local nonprofit ISP

Hi NANOG community,

My name is Esther, and I’m writing on behalf of the Seattle Community Network (SCN), a local non-profit ISP. Our website is at SCN is a volunteer-run, educational, nonprofit internet service provider focused on building and maintaining community-owned, DIY network infrastructure for digital equity and emergency resilience in the Seattle and Tacoma areas. Our core mission is to provide free internet access in low-resource communities such as tiny home villages and low-income housing complexes, and to demystify network and internet infrastructure for the general public. We currently run a variety of network infrastructure including LTE networks using CBRS spectrum, WiFi networks, and core network routers serving internet access in South Seattle, unincorporated King County, and Tacoma.

I was wondering if there were community or outreach resources available (e.g. sponsorships) for some of our SCN volunteer team, who install and maintain our networks, to attend NANOG for free or low cost. We believe it would be a valuable learning experience, and a unique opportunity since NANOG is held in Seattle this year.

Thanks so much,


I see that you are on a list to receive a free pass to attend through our College Immersion program. I should be receiving a code for free registration soon. Also, I would love to learn more about the nonprofit that you work with.