[NANOG-announce] Program Committee Appointments Announcement

The Board has completed the Program Committee selection process. This year,
eighteen members submitted their candidacies for eight available positions.
  We want to thank each and every one of them for considering this important
service to our community and encourage them to try for the next selection

We are pleased to announce the two-year term appointment of Jim Cowie, Igor
Gashinsky, Greg Hankins, Manish Karir, Mohit Lad, Dani Roisman, Michael
Sinatra and Tony Tauber to the Program Committee.

We also want to thank and recognize the contribution of Cathy Aronson, Barry
Greene, Chris Morrow and Sonia Sakovich for their service on the 2009-2011
Program Committtees.

In the coming weeks, the new Program Committee will hold its first meeting
and select a Chair and a Vice-Chair.

On behalf of the Board,

Sylvie LaPerriere