[NANOG-announce] PC Nominations Reminder to NANOG Announce

Hey Folks,

Just a reminder that nominations for the Program Committee are open. The PC
is a group of sixteen individuals from the NANOG community who together are
responsible for the NANOG program. The folks we choose will shape the
future of NANOG.

With that in mind, I encourage you to self-nominate or nominate a member of
the community who you feel has energy and ideas about how the NANOG meetings
can improve and evolve. And for those who haven't served on the PC, it is a
great to work with our community and it is a very rewarding experience.
NANOG has a great tradition; please consider contributing to it as part of
the Program Committee.

So if you want to self-nominate or if you want to nominate someone else,
send your nomination to nominations@nanog.org. If you are nominating
another person, please provide that person's name and email address. If you
are nominating yourself, please provide a Statement of Intent and a
Biography, each with a suggested limit of 150 words. For samples, please
see the 2010 candidate lists, <

As always, if you have a questions, please email nominations@nanog.org.



(for the NANOG PC/community)