[NANOG-announce] NANOG Steering Committee nominations now open

Elections for three of the six elected positions on the NANOG Steering
Committee will be held in October, 2010, for two-year terms ending in
October, 2012.

The current SC members whose terms are expiring are Patrick Gilmore,
Joe Provo, and Robert Seastrom. Joe is finishing his second
consecutive term, so per the charter, cannot be considered for
reelection until October 2011.
If you care about NANOG as a forum, and think you would like to take a
turn at volunteering your time to help make it better, please consider
either volunteering yourself or nominating someone else.

For more information about the role of the Steering Committee, or to
find out more about what's involved in being a Steering Committee
member, please consult the NANOG charter or contact someone who is
already serving and ask them directly.


Per the charter, Steering Committee members must attend at least two
of three NANOG meetings per year while in office.


You may nominate someone else, or yourself. There is no limit to the
number of nominations that may be submitted by a single person.
Individual nominees will be contacted directly to confirm that they
are willing to accept the nomination, and so that they can supply a
biography for the NANOG web page.

To submit a nomination, send the nominee's full name and contact
details to nominations@nanog.org. The deadline for nominations is
11:59 PM EDT on Monday, August 30.

The candidates will be given an opportunity to make brief comments and/
or accept questions from the community at the NANOG 50 Community
Meeting on Sunday, October 3.

As a reminder, the full election timeline is:

Aug. 2 - SC Nominations begin
Aug. 24 - Potential charter amendments discussed in nanog-futures
Aug. 24 - PC Nominations begin
Aug. 30 - SC Candidate information posted/nominations close
Sep. 13 - Call for Mailing List Committee nominations
Sep. 21 - Ballot approved
Oct. 3 - Voting opens at 12:00 EDT
Oct. 4 - PC Candidate Information posted/nominations close
Oct. 6 - Voting closes at 09:15 EDT, results announced
           before the close of NANOG 50.

For the SC,
      Steve Feldman