[NANOG-announce] NANOG PC Appointments for 2016-2017

Greetings NANOG Colleagues,

The NANOG Board of Directors has completed the Program Committee selection
process. This year, 18 members submitted their candidacies for 7 available
positions. We want to thank each and every candidate for considering this
important service to our community.

We are pleased to announce the two-year term appointment of Kevin Blumberg,
Anna Claiborne, Steve Plote, Steve Schecter, Benson Schliesser, Jesse
Sowell, and Chris Woodfield to the Program Committee.

We also want to thank and recognize the contribution of Greg Hankins,
Manish Karir, Michael Sinatra, and Tony Tauber for their service on the
Program Committee, which concluded at the San Diego NANOG meeting.

In the coming weeks, the new Program Committee will hold its first meeting
and select a Chair and a Vice-Chair.


Daniel Golding
Chairman, NANOG Board of Directors