[NANOG-announce] Call for Volunteers -- NANOG Education Committee

(my apologies to those receiving a second copy of this. The first copy ran into a mail filtering issue and didn't go out to most of the list)

At the Vancouver meeting in June, I presented a preliminary proposal for a NANOG education initiative, which would put together a NANOG-created educational program for junior (and possibly more advanced) network operators. There was broad support from the community, and now it's time to refine the idea and turn it into something that can be implemented. We are seeking volunteers to join the Education Committee and work on the final proposal and its implementation. Among the issues that need to be decided are:

- What format should the classes have?
- What subject matter should they cover, and what should the curriculum be?
- Who should be teaching them -- volunteers from the community or paid instructors?
- Where should the classes be taught? At NANOG venues before, after, or during the conferences? At independent sites at non-conference times?
- Cost structures: What should the classes cost and what will be included?
- Other sources of financial support: Tuition? Sponsorships? Donations? Subsidies from the NANOG conferences?
- And all sorts of other issues

The expected commitment from members of the Education Committee will be as follows:

- Attend bi-weekly conference calls
- Research issues as needed, and provide feedback to the group

The goal will be to have a reasonably solid proposal in time for the October NANOG meeting, and a final proposal in time for the February meeting.

If you are interested in volunteering for this committee, please contact me.

Steve Gibbard