[NANOG-announce] 2012 NANOG Election Results

*Greetings NANOG Colleagues,

As usual for our October meetings, there has been a lot happening with our
elections process and more announcements to come over the next few days.
We wanted to give you a quick heads-up.

Huge thank yous to our Executive Director, Betty Burke, our NANOG
Secretariat, Florencia Dazzi and Karen Moore, the Verilan team, the SWANK
team, and our technical coordinators Tim Pozar and Matt Peterson for a
world-class event in Dallas.


Our annual election was held during NANOG 56. Steve Feldman, Dan Golding
and Mike Smith were elected to two-year terms on the Board of Directors.
All three proposed amendments to our bylaws also passed.

The Board appointed its officers for the coming year. I have been
re-appointed Chair, Mike Smith is the Vice-Chair, Duane Wessels is
Treasurer and DC liaison, Steve Feldman is Secretary, Dan Golding is PC
liaison and Steve Gibbard is CC liaison.

Committee Appointments

The Communications, Development and Program Committees selection process is
drawing to a close. Offers have been extended to candidates on October 25
and we expect to have all confirmations in the next 24-48 hours. A formal
announcement of their respective composition will follow this week.

We wish to thank everyone who volunteered to serve either on the NANOG
Board of Directors or on one of its Committees. NANOG is truly an
organization that depends on the ongoing enthusiasm and support of its
community: thank you for attending NANOG 56 live or via webcast and for
contributing regularly to our mailing lists.

The coming year is exciting. There is much to be done as we execute our
three-year strategic plan. We will communicate progress regularly.*