NANOG and Pre NANOG social Events

Hello Everyone,

Social Events are as follows:

Saturday Night:

House of Blues for a concert featuring Soulive with Me'Shell Ndegeocello

The doors open at 7:30, so we'll meet in the Hotel Lobby at 6:30pm and
either cab or walk over together depending on the weather.

I urge you to get your tickets ahead of time.

After the show we have a few bars in mind to head to that we'll take a poll
of those that are at the show to see what everyone is looking for! If you
don't want to go to the show, but still want to drink with a few
Wisconsinites, drop me your cell number and I will call you to let you know
where we are going. I would anticipate the show being over between 10:30
and 11pm.

Sunday Night:

Navy Pier IMAX runs shows of the Matrix Reloaded every night at 8:15pm.

We will meet in the lobby of the Hotel at 5:00 for dinner. Dinner will be
at Gino's East for some authentic Chicago style pizza. If you don't like
the thick crust, don't worry they have thin!

The location is at Wells and Ontario.

Then, for those of you who might want to duck out of the evening tutorial,
we'll meet in the hotel lobby at 7pm and head to Navy Pier to catch the 8:15
showing of the Matrix Reloaded!! Again, I urge you to get your tickets
ahead of time.

After the show, we'll meet at Bubba Gumps Shrimp Company to gather the
company and head out on the town. If you're worried about not finding a few
fellow network geeks at a bar, just drop me your cell number and I'll be
sure to announce our arrival at the Shrimp Company!

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions. Please let me know ASAP.

Thanks to everyone for their overwhelming support and interest in doing
social events!!! Also, thanks to many people for their suggestions!

Chris Malayter
TDS Telecom