[NANOG] Alcatel

I'll chime in and say that the 7450/7750 are very nice boxes. Their
non-stop routing feature is something that other vendors are barely
starting to support, years after they started doing it. Now they are

We have been using 7750's and 5620Sam since 2004. I believe we were one of
the first US companies to deploy in a production environment. As with most
vendors we have seen a few bug's, but TAC has always been there to help and
provide a solution very quickly. The box have been stable and what I like
most is that I have not had to upgrade any of the hardware, Just add cards
as needed to increase capacity. When a new feature comes out I only have to
upgrade the code and not the hardware.
  We run our network a like different in that we use our 7750's both as edge
and core routers providing MPLS and Internet services to our customers.
Works great for us...