[NANOG] Alcatel

The Alcatel 7750 is the best MPLS edge box period. It blows away the traditional competition by a country mile. The quality of the product is really superb. Imagine life is a software release when on completion of your own type approval the software does what it says on the tin? Not even minor bugs -> no bugs nada ziltch negatory nien etc.

That life starts when you buy the 7750. The former Timetra team (and the new ALU people) are an excellent bunch of guys to work with. They listen and act but at the same time won't sacrafice the quality of the platform. And if you are still unsure I strongly recommend this box.



I'd rather say that 7750 (routing) & 7450 (L3 switching) are good boxes, very good for MPLS and even better if you also build a core and get the 5620 SAM application (for management in case of MPLS services network), non major failures... but it has bugs, who doesn't ?


Neil J. McRae wrote:

I can't agree with this any more strongly. The 7750/7450 product line are some of the best boxes I've ever worked with. We use the 7450 for a good size MetroE network, and they have been rock solid. The 6850 OmniSwitches are solid performers. We have been using them as CPE for our higher end customers, and have been very pleased. The 6850 command line does take some getting used to, however.



Nicolas Antoniello wrote: